Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing the GamaTrain website for your activities. The GamaTrain websitehasstarted its activities with the aim of creating a repository of sample exam questionsandscientific tests for various levels of education. This repository, with questionscontributed byteachers from all over the world, is regularly updated, allowing easy access to samplequestionsfor students, teachers, and schools across the world through a simple search.

In order to maintain the rights of the GamaTrain website and ensure the comfort of allusers,rules have been established that users are required to follow. If a user violates theseregulations, the system administrators have the right to remove the content generated bythatuser, and in some cases, their dedicated profile, from the system. These rules are fullypublished below and may change at any time. Please pay attention to messages that mayreachusers on some days, informing them of the latest website rules. After carefully readingtheserules, check the option "I agree to carefully read the rules and regulations of theGamaTrainwebsite" and then press the "Register" button.

The GamaTrain website may update these "Terms and Conditions" at any time by updatingthe termsof use of the website. You are bound and committed to such revisions, so it is necessarytoperiodically check this page to be informed of the current conditions and requirements.With the hope that by implementing the system's rules and future guidelines, we can gainthesatisfaction of our esteemed users.


  • All users must use appropriate words when registering on the website. In case ofinappropriateor offensive words, the profile of that user will be deleted at the first opportunity.Pleaseuse English letters for usernames and passwords.
  • Each user is allowed to register one or more unique identifiers and profiles. Toactivate eachidentifier, click on its activation link from your email. For example, a user canregister bothas a teacher and as an educational institution on the website.
  • Respectable users must provide accurate personal information during registration. Ifthere isany deficiency in the provided information, such as address, phone number, etc. TheGamaTrainwebsite is not responsible.
  • Respectable teachers and educational institutions are required to complete their profileinformation accurately and truthfully to enable them to benefit from advertisingcapabilitiesand ensure users' access to accurate information.

Content Guidelines

  • When registering or searching for exams, there is a scientific classification. Teachersmustcarefully categorize the exams into different categories to better introduce them tootherusers.
  • Respectable teachers commit to the authenticity of exam designs. In case of any claimsby thirdparties regarding the authorship of registered exams, the responsibility lies with theregistering teacher, and the GamaTrain website management will not be held accountable.
  • The GamaTrain website is not responsible for protecting the copyright rights of examcreators.Respectable teachers, by registering exams, grant permission for their publication totheGamaTrain website. In return, they receive the right to authorship of the exam accordingto theassigned shares and values.
  • While GamaTrain makes maximum efforts to verify the accuracy and quality of exams usinganexpert team, it does not guarantee their accuracy or quality. GamaTrain website bears nocommitment or responsibility for exams registered by teachers on the site. The exams areregistered by teachers who have no real or legal relationship with this site. The directresponsibility for a registered exam rests with the registering user, and GamaTrain'ssystemdoes not claim or guarantee its accuracy or validity.
  • The GamaTrain website displays teachers' exams. The exams listed on the system maychange or beupdated continuously by teachers. In this regard, the GamaTrain website does not accept any responsibility for the exams listed on the site, and the GamaTrain system merelydisplays examsregistered by users.